Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Third Trimester Pregnancy Journal: Week 30

I have been sick with a cold the past few weeks.  Alain brought it home and felt only a tickle in this throat.  It took over my immune-suppressed body and has held on tight.  I ended up giving it back to Alain, and he suffered miserably.  I was surprised, since he's usually a tough guy and doesn't get sick very often.  He got to take the medicine to help though, I didn't really take anything.

I'm mostly better now, I just have some residual sniffles.  No big deal.

Life has definitely gotten more difficult though.  I am more tired, and not sleeping as well.  I am sore, and my body can't seem to repair.  It's mostly hip, back, groin stuff, which I know is totally normal. My body is stretching and preparing to deliver this baby, that's gonna hurt.  Still, it's been hard.

I was surprised to see the differences in my belly between week 26 and week 30 (week 28 we did the outdoor photos).  I haven't actually put on much weight, but baby sure is growing!

26 Weeks

30 Weeks

Everyone that sees me says I am all belly.  I guess it's true, but of course, I see differences in my body all over.

Since I have been so sore, Alain and I decided it was time for me to finish up with work.  This Friday is actually my last day!

I wish I could say that I feel like I will be less busy, but I have a massive list of things I want to accomplish over the next 8 weeks.  I'm also doing prenatal swimming, yoga and going to the midwife and chiropractor every other week.  I feel like my schedule will be quite full, but of course, I'm taking lots of time to put my feet up and rest too.


  1. You look great!
    I went off work earlier than planned as well, kept plenty busy too in those 2 months before Annabelle arrived. Lots of rest, relaxing with knitting, laundry so baby, nesting, cooking and baking while avoiding the heatwaves...
    Really enjoying your project photos, that's one great nursery! Thanks also for the tip about parchment paper for sewing PUL. I've done a pail liner and a wet bag for swimming :)

  2. Yay... no work! I had two months off before Miss B arrived and it was wonderful! Do all the things you want to do and enjoy!