Monday, June 27, 2011


I haven't really talked about our decision to homebirth on this blog.  I was lucky enough to get care through a midwife, so this is actually an option for us.

I'm passionate regarding the option to homebirth, but I don't want to get all preachy.  For us, it just seems like a better way to do things.  While I'm sure hospitals can be lovely places, and many babies are born there all the time (a hospital birth is of course the norm), it just seems amazing to be able to do it from the comfort of my own home.  I can wander around my home, yard or neighbourhood, I can rest in my bed, with my pillow and my husband.  I can cuddle with my pets if I want to!

We're keeping an open mind, because truly, anything can happen.  Our closest hospital is about 15 minutes away, and when I go into labour, emergency services is notified in case I need to be transferred to the hospital quickly. 

There will be two midwives, one to care for me, and one to care for the baby once she arrives.  They will be with me throughout the birthing process and for several hours afterwards.  When all is done, I will be able to rest at home without bustling nurses and hospital monitors.

We made a quick stop at our local hospital yesterday.  I had an appointment with a specialist doctor since my spine is curved and if we do end up at the hospital, I wanted to be sure I could get the pain management support I would be seeking.  The nurse checking us in was very unsupportive of homebirths.  She frowned and shook her head a lot.  She told us about homebirths gone wrong and moms and babies being rushed to the hospital.  I understood her concern (she sees the cases that haven't gone right, after all, she has no idea how many home births worked out just fine), but it still seemed a little inappropriate. 

Having a home birth is supported by our federal government and our provincial government. It is actually significantly cheaper for a mother to give birth at home, than in a hospital (surprise, surprise) and healthy mamas-to-be should know it's a valid option.

Of course, do your homework.  It's not the right thing for everyone.  But know that for a long time, it was the norm.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful birthing experience! I applaud your decision to speak about homebirthing. I am due in Aug with our third baby. All three will have been born in the hospital (seeing as I make it this time because last time I barely made it!). The first time, I didn't really know about home births and I was unprepared. The second time, I got pregnant to quickly that I didn't have time to think about it. Also, I really liked the doctors and nurses in my practice. The one scheduled to deliver was a no nonsense guy (if it isn't broken, don't fix it). I liked that. Having a home birth has always intrigued me. With this one, we live far from all family and a good distance from any hospital. My hubby thought it would be too much of a challenge to have both our other young children with us at the time and if anything went wrong it would take time to get to the hospital. Also, I really like the new doctors I am dealing with. I told them my concerns and basically told them that when it is time, don't touch me. :-) I don't want to be strapped down and prodded. I can do this myself. I only want them to be there if I need them. They are absolutely fine with that. That makes me happy. I know it makes my hubby happy. I think that his comfort means more to me than anything because I only have to have the baby. He is the one who will be worrying about me, the new baby, AND our other two children (where will they will be, what are they doing, etc.). SO, that being said, I think it is important to me that I feel so confident in my body's ability to deliver this baby. I feel that I know my body and I trust that I can do this without intervention. I think that it is so important for new mom's to realize that they need to listen to their hearts, trust their instincts. Our bodies were meant for this amazing process. Most women don't realize that they can talk to their doctors and make requests. Everyone should have a birth plan. I am glad so many women are talking about it now. It renews my confidence and makes my heart happy. May you be blessed with a beautiful birth experience and a healthy, happy baby!!

    :-) Erika

  2. I'm so sorry about how that nurse treated you - that was uncalled for, very unprofessional. I hope you get to have a smooth, uncomplicated labor and get to deliver at home as planned! I've loved following along with your blog and seeing all the baby items you've made inspires me to make new things for all the pregnant women around me (and for myself some day too!)

  3. Well done for making a decision that is right for you, especially when it is 'against the norm'.

    I'm having a birth in the midwife led unit of our hospital - a halfway house, which is like being at home (sofas, normal beds etc) but the medical stuff is there if needed...

    Fingers crossed that everything goes to plan for you all during the birth and that you get the pain management that is what you want. Remember that it is your experience, stick with what feels right to you, whatever that is on the day...