Monday, July 18, 2011

Diaper Service Dilema

When I signed up for our 10 weeks of diaper service, I was assured that I would be provided everything I needed (except consumables, like wipe solution).  So last week, when the diapers were delivered, I was surprised at what I received.

The diapers themselves look great, no concern there.  They definitely look appropriately sized for a newborn ...

The diaper covers however, had me worried...

Please allow me to use dolly to demonstrate...

Dolly in her Cloth Diaper

Dolly in the Diaper Cover provided by the service

Dolly has a permenant smile, and isn't likely to complain, but mama is not smiling!

Seriously... How is my precious baby supposed to where that and be comfortable, or look cute, or whatever... how is a onesie supposed to fit over that?

Let me just point out, that this cover is in fact, newborn sized:

Maybe I'm using it wrong?

Surely the other diaper covers they provided were better than this? 


So, what's a mama to do?  I have a few wool diaper covers, but mostly onesies for baby to wear when she turns up.  Wool soakers and onesies don't mix... the wool will wick moisture when it is compressed.

I immediately headed into the internet to find some sort of solution for this problem.

I found the Spindles to Sashes etsy site which included a pattern for a PUL diaper cover.

There is a great youtube video which shows how she makes the covers.  They seemed quick, easy and like a good way to deal with elastic, because that's something I've never really done before.  The video can be found here.
I was able to whip up 3 PUL / flannel diaper covers pretty quickly.  There are sizes XS to XL available, and I used the size S.  It turned out very comparable in size to the newborn cloth diapers:

Dolly and mama are a lot happier with this diaper cover!
I didn't have a snap press, so I have used sticky velcro to close the covers.  I only have the diaper service for 10 weeks before I switch to washing my own BumGenius diapers, so I'm hoping the sticky velcro will work that long. 

I stuck with white flannel knowing these covers would mostly be worn with patterned onesies.  I didn't want the diaper cover pattern to show through to the onesie.  Really though, you could have a lot of fun with this type of diaper cover.  The sky is the limit for patterns.  Even different types of fabric would be great.

I also knit up a tiny wool soaker, mostly for when she is just born and will be spending a lot of time in just a diaper:

I used the Vanilla Soaker pattern and modified it to look like the Milo Soaker, which is super cute on a tiny baby.  I might have to go back and add some ribbed legs to this soaker, but I also want to use in our newborn photoshoot, so it'll stay like this for now.

Dolly seems to like this soaker too:

Hopefully this will be the first and only cloth diaper dilema we face.  I really am committed to cloth diapering, but don't want it to be a big hassle either!


  1. Personally I would contact the service, and tell them how useless the covers are, and ask them to return with some more appropriate ones... The whole point of a diaper service is that you DON'T have to do the sorting out yourself!

    Good luck with the birth - I've so enjoyed following your progress - I'm 27 weeks pregnant myself, and you give me such pleasure and hope when things are difficult. :)

  2. I would ask them to provide you with some preemie sized ones. That way you will have some smaller ones to use. If you are paying for the service, you should be able to utilize the full service.