Monday, July 11, 2011

Nursery Bits

I'm 39 weeks along now, and baby should be here any day now (I hope!).  Our cloth diapers (from a diaper service) arrived on Friday along with our birthing tub and the nursery glider.  So officially, we are about as ready as we ever can be.

I am getting excited, but also nervous, about what having her here will be like.  I know deep in my soul that I will love her immediately and that the changes she will bring will be good for both me and my husband, but it's still a little strange to think of how suddenly everything will change.

I worry about things like our dogs, who we love deeply and who are already pulling away from me (why doesn't my puppy want to snuggle with me anymore?).

Anyway, I have a few scattered photos of the nursery, but none that show the whole room yet.  I'll work on that today.

Here is the mobile, featuring knit fruit I happened to have kicking around.  My friend Kimberly made one of the strawberries and the grapes a while back.  All the patterns are available through ravelry (except the grapes which are from Itty Bitty Toys).

Diaper Caddy with all the essentials.  The basket is from Michaels and is traditionally used for scrapbook supplies.  I love all the pockets.  This caddy will move around the house with me and baby, so I always have what I need to change her.

Floating shelves from IKEA with mostly decorative stuff for now.

Cloth diaper stash of BumGenius Diapers.  We won't be using these until week 11 or so, since we have a diaper service for weeks 1-10.  I got these gently used and they are in great shape. 

Homemade Crib Sheets using this pattern.  This pattern makes a casing for the elastic, so you don't need to worry about sewing the actual elastic.  It was super easy.

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