Friday, July 2, 2010

Knit Vacation

Since I knew I'd have lots of time to myself this week.  I planned several knitting projects.  There were a few things I had already started, so of course I brought those along too.  I actually finished my Online Vest on the drive here yesterday (10 hours of knitting is a lot of knitting time!).

Here is a not so great photo of the vest:

It fits, which I'm pretty excited about.  The ribbing suggested in the pattern for the neck and arm bands really tightened it up though, so keep that in mind if you work on this project.  I made it longer than the pattern suggested and I still wish it was longer.  I'm sure blocking will help and I don't really have a shirt to try it on with here either.

In addition to the vest, I also packed several other projects.  In fact, I have a whole bag devoted to my knitting!
This bag will serve double duty though, it'll be my carry-on luggage when I fly home next week.
So what do you need for a knit vacation?

Well, patterns and needles of course...  My Online Vest is from Fitted Knits.  That is the needle case I made a few weeks ago.

I also printed out patterns from Ravelry.  I put those patterns in individual ziplock bags with the yarn and any other specialized materials I'd need.

There are actually 5 projects, as there is yarn overlap for 2 projects, they are bagged together.

The Brrr Bear I am working on required a lot of extra stuff... stuffing, a poly pellet bean bag, embroidery floss, etc.  I made sure to prepare all of this stuff before we left (obviously).

I also brought supplies for Pasha Penguin (knitty) and the Mini-Reversible Duck to Bunny from Spud and Chloe.  These projects use a lot of the same yarn, which saved me bring more yarn.

I had originally planned to make a braided ball and more teething rings while I was here too.  Mostly because they are really easy projects.  In the end though, they just required too many colours of yarn to be feasible.  I left those projects at home or finished them before I left.

Do you have any tricks for packing your knitting for vacations?  I'd love to hear them if you do!


  1. I pick mine depending on weather conditions. I went to the Caribbean with socks to knit but when I went home to Iceland I took stuff to knit a baby blanket and sweater. Also what is going on in my life and what needs to be finished.

  2. It looks like you're having a fun vacation! I love how organized you are. Congrats on finishing the vest, can't wait to see pics of it on you!

    Happy Vacationing!

  3. I LOVE to knit in the car. It makes the drives go so much more quickly. I usually just pack the book that I'm using and and take a long projects I've gotten stuck on. I do things like sweater backs where there's lots a repetitive knitting that I wouldn't do otherwise.

    Just found your blog from Susan B. Anderson - love it! My husband and I are also planning a little one in the near future which is why I started knitting in the first place. Keep it up!