Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It sucks that the vacation had to end this way - full of stress and nerves, frustration and waiting.  My flight home yesterday was cancelled due to fog.  I was going to miss the connecting flight and be stuck in Montreal so I was actually happy to get stuck here at first.  However, my ride from the airport is no longer available and we have been struggling to find someone who can pick me up there once I arrive in in Ottawa at 10:45 this evening. 

I hate changes, I hate unpredictability, I hate being late. 

The doggies were expecting me (okay, logically I know they weren't).  Work is now delayed (this too has worked out okay, I'm taking an emergency day)....  I guess I just wanted to get back to real life again.

Alain and I had said our goodbyes and we were sad, but I was prepared for it.  Now we will have to do it all again and since we are so stressed, I'm sure it won't be as sweet.

I am going to curl up now, and hope for the best. 

The vacation really was fabulous.  Alain and I re-connected in the way you really only can when you are on vacation and have no obligations.  I told him yesterday that when he comes home at the end of the month I want to start our family.

Please cross your fingers that I make it home safely, and that we can find someway for me to actually get to our house.  I'd prefer to not have to live at the airport.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're having so many problems at the end of your trip! It's nice you and your DH had the chance to reconnect. Fingers crossed for you! :)