Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the Road

I'm on vacation!  Yay!  We left yesterday for Matane, it is a small community in Quebec on the Gaspé Peninsula on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River.  We drove 10 hours to get here!

This is a bit of an odd vacation for us.  Alain is actually here for work.  He will be here 17 days.  I will be here for 6.  He is working today (Wednesday), Friday and Monday while I am here.  Tomorrow (Thursday) is Canada Day (Canada's Birthday) and a public holiday so he will be off work with me.  While he is working, I am hanging out at the hotel.  I can knit, swim (in the heated pool), walk on the beach, watch tv, etc.  Our hotel is close enough that I can walk to the small shopping area if I want as well.

I have been planing for this knit vacation for a while.  I really need this break.  As soon as we arrived (late) last night, all my stress just melted away.  We took a quick dip in the hot tub and relaxed in the King size bed.  It was pure bliss.

Today I plan to have a swim or two, walk the beach, knit and relax.  Total Bliss.

Alain and I will have 3 days to tour around together.  We plan to go into town (some town) one of the days.  Hopefully we can find a little shoppinG - antiques, crafts, anything like that really, and go hiking on another.  We also want to drive along the coast and see the sites since it rained our entire drive in.

The drive was beautiful, just wet.  So much green and trees and farming and hills.  I never used to think any of that was beautiful, but it definitely is.

Near here, on our way in, as the sun was setting, we passed fields and fields filled with wind turbines.  They were quite stunning as they spun.  I hope we can find a good place to capture the feeling of it.  I've seen wind turbines before, of course, but not like this.  I hope I can share it with you.

I'm going to post a few posts today, and maybe another in a few days to share everything with you.

I hope you're having a great week too!

Here is a photo of our hotel room.  See that red chair in the back corner, that's my knitting chair.  Love it!

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  1. Gosh I wish I got a vacation. Just to sit around and knit childless for a weekend would be bliss. Oh and if I got to go to the beach! I would be in heaven!