Friday, June 25, 2010

Blogs I love: Lovely Design

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about Sharilyn of Lovely Design. Sharilyn is a mom and crafty-type who lives in Vancouver. Like most blogs I like she is well spoken, creative and has great photos.

She has an adorable daughter who just turned 3. I was profoundly affected by a post she made about their "broken tv" and how turning off the tv drastically impacted her daughter's disposition, manners and attitude.

Like many families, the tv had never played a huge role in their lives, until one day, it did and Adelaide couldn't live without it. A "broken" tv was all it took get back the daughter Sharilyn knew and loved, one who didn't throw tempertantrums and who was as happy as could be. I can't blog about it nearly as well as Sharilyn, so you should read her post for yourself.

We're going through a little of this at home ourselves actually. Before we moved, we watched very little tv, we never ate in front of the tv. We cooked together and from mostly fresh ingredients. When we moved into our current home, we located the tv room next to the kitchen (it was the only space that made sense). We only ate in front of the tv occassionally, and still only watched a little. Slowly though, we ate on the couch more and more and cooked less and less. We ate more processed food and stopped cooking together. We stopped planning our meals and more often than not would eat junk, or not at all.

Recently (as in, two days ago) I made the connection between the tv and our poor eating habits. It doesn't take a genius to see the connection, but I just hadn't thought about it. Alain and I talked and decided to start cooking our meals together again. To turn the tv off and tune into eachother instead. Last night we cooked together and I threw together a last minute serving of homemade bruscetta bread. It wasn't perfect (it burned a little), but it was an effort. More effort than either of us have made in a while!

It's going to be tricky to get used to less tv, especially for me.  I definitely watch more tv as I tend to have something on while I'm knitting.  Since we are going away next week and Alain is away for a few weeks after that, there probably won't be much change on the tv watching until the end of July, but I can at least make an effort to sit out on the porch some nights to watch for deer, rather than watching the tv.

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  1. I loved this post! I'm feeling similar, but with the internet. I'm starting to link too much time online with random bouts of depression.

    But you're absolutely right. It seems like once things are turned off, suddenly there's so much time. Time you can spend doing things you love.

    I wish you the best of luck with your new goals. They are definitely wonderful goals to work toward.