Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Veggy Update

Knitting veggies in the car is hard work! I knit during most of our trip to Cambridge and back (about 10 hours altogether). My book was open in my lap and I worked hard to finish the carrot (2nd attempt) and 3 radishes.
I am ultimately pleased with my newest veggy creations. I had a lot of trouble with the carrot and although it's finally finished and definitely not perfect, I'm moving on. If you knit this pattern I strongly recommend using a DK weight yarn and small needles, around 3.0 mm, rather than what the pattern suggests. My first carrot was mammoth and totally out of scale with the rest of my veggies.
The radish pattern is another free one and can be found here. It is another simple and satisfying knit. I used i-cord for the white root and added an extra leaf to the stem.
I started some peas and broke another needle. My knitpick Zephyrs just cannot handle to stresses of knitting toys. I am waiting for an order of DPNs in the same size to arrive so that I can work on the peas again. I've also started the garlic.
I'm happy with my Ravelympic progress but can't wait to be finished with my knit veggies. Knitting toys is hard on my hands and I always shake my head at the fiddley-ness of it all.

I cast on for my Organic Teething Rings last night, just because I needed something simple and loose. I am hoping to post the pattern here as a tutorial so watch for that in the near future.

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  1. I agree that knitting little things is really hard on your hands. I made a doll that just about murdered mine. Your veggies are looking wonderful! Can't wait to see them all together :)