Monday, September 13, 2010

Dylan's Surprise

When we went to Florida, we hoped to meet up with Janelle, her husband, and her darling son, Dylan.  Since her husband got sick, we didn't get to meet up, but I had already put together a little surprise for Dylan.

We were all pretty upset that our visit didn't work out as we had planned, but I know we will get together soon.  I hope this surprise made Janelle and Dylan a little happier this week.

I used the pattern for Peanut the Elephant from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts.  The pattern was written by Hilary Lang over at Wee Wonderfuls. I have actually made a toy of hers before.  Remember this Pointed Kitty from way back in February? 

I wanted to use up some of my felted sweaters.  I chose a blue one and the crazy stripe Gap sweater (I LOVE that sweater and only use it for very special projects).  I sewed him up in just a few hours.  I had a little trouble sewing through all that thick felted sweater material, mostly because I'm pretty sure I felted my first batch of sweaters too much.  There are a few spots, especially in the corners, that the thread shows through.  I'm pretty sure Dylan won't mind though!

Overall, I thought the pattern worked well with a felted sweater.  I'm excited to make more toy projects with the felted sweaters I've recently acquired.

UPDATE:  Check out Janelle's Blog for some cutie photos of Dylan and his surprise!  Thank you Janelle for the very sweet blog post.  It totally made my day!

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