Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada.  I am busy working on some cute knits to help celebrate the season, but I've also been busy with house stuff too.

Alain was away on business last week, and I wanted to surprise him in some way when he got home.  With Alain set to arrive home around midnight on Friday, I left my surprise until around 8:30 pm.

When Alain left last week, the guest room looked like this:

When he returned, the guest room looked like this:

I finished the headboard, put the bed back together and dragged the extra furniture into place.  The bookshelf was no big deal, but man, that drawer unit is heavy!  I was a little crazy for moving that all the way from our bedroom by myself.

Here is a snapshot of the headboard, I used mod-podge and scrapbook paper.  The paper bubbled a little, but overall, it looks okay.  This bed will live on for a little while longer.


I adore this room now and keep sneaking in to have a look at my handywork.  We had the bedding on hand, and definitely didn't purchase it with the wall colour in mind.  I think it looks pretty good in a non-matchy-matchy kind of way.  According to Project Runway non-match-matchy is very in these days, right?

The room is finished just in time for some houseguests.  My parents will be spending Thanksgiving with us this year and we will be hosting Alain's whole family for dinner.  Yikes, that's a lot of people!

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  1. Your guest room looks great!! I wish we had space in our current house for this. Maybe the next one... :)

    The headboard looks great - good job! :)