Friday, February 18, 2011

Bringing home the (baby) stuff...

I wanted to show my method for bringing home lots of thrift store finds. These bags will be priceless at some of the big consignment sales that are coming up in our area. They are so big and help me tote around lots of stuff without juggling too much in my hands.

Yep. Those are IKEA bags, $1 each. What a bargain. They do fold up, sort of like a map, which can be tricky, but I did get them flat again for storage after using them.

Here's a view from the top

All the sweaters from my recent trip to Value Village fit in these bags, with lots of room to spare.

Trust me, they can hold a lot of stuff!

Have a great family day weekend (for my fellow Ontarians - I don't know if family day is a cross Canada holiday yet?)!  My parents are in town, so I won't be posting again until at least Tuesday next week.  Whatever you're up to, stay safe!

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