Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Second Trimester Pregnancy Journal: Week 18


This week Alain and I celebrated a quiet Valentine's Day.
It was the same night as our last prenatal class, so we didn't have a lot of time for special activities. We did decide to go out for a last minute dinner of Chinese food, and came home to eat cheese cake. Yum!

The most memorable part of the day was that for the first time, we both felt the baby move! I had felt a few flutters by myself, but only when my hand was pressed to my abdomin. I could feel the movement from the inside and outside. During our nap before prenatal class, Alain put his hand on my abdomin. It only took a second before we both felt a powerful whop. I could feel it from the inside, and he could feel it from the outside. It was an amazing experience and I'm glad he was there to share it with me.

Since then, I feel the baby moving more often, and sometimes when I am just hanging around (and don't have my hand pressed to my abdomin). Most often I feel it when I am looking for it though. Which I'm sure is normal at this point.

Alain "surprised" me with a figure to add to our Willow Tree collection. We started collecting figures when we got married, I love that there are different figures to represent different events and periods of life. I had been heavily hinting that I wanted to get back into collecting them, and Alain wisely selected the maternity mama.

Cherish by Willow Tree

I have been anxiously waiting for a new figure to be released. I really wanted to get it for Alain for his birthday (back in January), but it has yet to turn up in stores here.

Home by Willow Tree

I'm not much of a collector these days, but these figures always steal my heart.  You can check out the official site right here.  I love "the Quilt", as well was all of the figures including Mom, Dad and baby.

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  1. Wow! These figures are so sweet!

    I had my class two weeks before my baby was born. I was afraid that I'd forget everything if I had the class too early.