Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thrifty Finds - Felted Sweaters

This week was another 50% off sale at Value Village.  The sale, meant to clear out winter merchandise, was the best I've ever seen for feltable sweaters.  That said, I didn't bring home as much as I usually do. 

I've been shopping a lot lately, and felt a little guilty of all the stuff I've been bringing home.  Also, I haven't been sewing much.  I'm hoping I will want to sew more when I find out the baby's gender in a few weeks, but lately, I just haven't been feeling it.  For some reason, sewing tires me out!

I know I'll get to use the felted sweaters eventually though, so I did buy a few.

Here's what I found:

This one is brown

This was the most expensive sweater, regular priced at $12.99.
 It's a big sweater though!

This one is light green

Okay... It didn't seem like a lot of sweaters, until I started posting them here...

I found a few other fun things at Value Village too, but those will be shared in another post.

Does anyone have any great ideas regarding what I can do with all these sweaters?  Links to tutorials (softies, more practical items) would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. My whole blog ;)! Seriously, what are you looking for, idea wise?

    Great haul! I have that last sweater in my closet :)