Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Weekend

My parent's came to visit over the weekend and we kept ourselves very busy.  I am paying for it today since I am quite tired, but it's rainy and gray and a good day for lying around.

We went to a picnic with Alain's family on Saturday and had brunch and did some shopping on Sunday.  On Friday I finally picked up the crib mattress with a little help from Mom.

We made sure to take some photos of us out and about, so baby can see how she looked visiting with her Grandpa and Grandma before she was born.  I feel like I look massive in these photos, but that's 35 weeks for you!  My weight is staying the same, so it's clearly the baby that is growing and not me!

At the Picnic

Family photo - minus my sister :-(

Alain and I

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