Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kijiji Buys

I often troll kijiji for used kids stuff.  I can't buy many baby clothes yet (without knowing the gender, it's very hard anyways!), but toys, feeding supplies, etc. are fair game right now. 

I've been slowly growing my collection of fisher price roll-arounds and peek-a-boo blocks forever, and now I need to start getting some of the interactive toys that go with these amazing sensory toys.  I have a few, but there are many more out there that I want to acquire.

Anyways, this week I found some of the roll-arounds, I don't actually have too many of these.  The seller also had a lot of other cool stuff I picked up, so of course I grabbed these too!

Roll-Arounds $5

I can't even tell what this whole lot is...
Gymbo doll (the puppet), 3 Fisher Price Keys, Baby Einstein Rings, 2 Infantino Wind Chimes.  I think this whole group was around $10

I'm very excited about the taggies stacker and the Infantino piggy bank.  They look very cool. $12 for all

This little hand and foot rattle set is cute too.  I love bugs!  The larger item is a Lamaze Flutterbug.  Apparently the  Bug "flutters" when flower stem is pulled down. If you pull down on toy, it makes vibrating noises.  The wings crinkle. I think this lot was $5

I find the trick with kijiji (and other used sites) is to buy stuff you want to buy new anyways (duh!) but also to watch your area for deals.  If you have to drive 40 minutes each way to pick up a $7 toy, it's not really much of a deal now is it?  Make sure you barter a little.  I'm not very good at this, but asked for a deal since I was taking so much from one seller.  The listed price of all the items was about $50, and I'm getting it for $40.  There is also a small bead maze that I don't have a photo of. 

In this case, the seller was located about 5 minutes away from my chiropractor, who I was seeing anyways.  I made sure to arrange the pick up while I was in the general area. 

Of course, safetey is the most important thing!  Make sure you tell someone where you are going and when you are going.  I text my husband before and after a pickup so he knows I'm safe.  This is especially important now that it's not just me making a pickup!

I'm always looking for interactive toys, sensory toys, and toys I deem to be "smart".  I'd love to hear about your favourite toys so I can be on the look out for them in the future!


  1. My son's favorite toy from birth to 4 years old, was a set of stacking cups. The simplicity is brilliant, they hardly take up any room, they can go from bath to living room to sandbox, and they love them. For the Peek-A-Blocks I recommend the Incredicube... my son's favorite out of all the Peek-A-Block toys.
    If you can find this toy:

    I recommend buying it. It was my son's favorite stroller toy, and I loved the soft music it played (not annoying like the other 99% of toys that play music). I took a Stroller Strides class when my son was a baby, and at the end of class each day, the kids would climb out of their strollers to run over to mine & play with that toy, lol.

  2. Blocks are great. Soft and big blocks for very young babies, then as they grow, plastic or wood blocks.